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Plan, book and buy your next radio campaign here. The Radio Matrix just got a whole lot easier for clients and agencies. Open 24/7/365

Let Radio Rates do all the hard work for you. We deal with 100% of all radio stations in all states and regions in Australia.

Get better placement, bonus commercials and sponsorship opportunities now. Take the radio matrix out of planning your next radio advertising campaign and talk to Australia’s Number 1 online platform. Email Us

Making radio easy

Making radio easy

Why deal with multiple staff, stations or networks when you need radio rates NOW? We're open 24/7/365

Plan, book & buy

Plan, book & buy

We all compare rates on-line, so why not let My Radio Rates do the work for you now.

Save money

Save money

Save money and time when you plan, book & activate your next radio advertising campaign.

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