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We are a team of highly experienced radio professionals with many years’ experience working day to day at the highest levels of sales and management in both AM and FM radio stations in all states of Australia.

We cover all radio stations in Australia including AM, FM plus the growing digital (DAB) radio stations, plus ATN , The Australia Traffic Network.

Our industry skills cover all radio and digital plus
experience in major advertising agencies in Australia.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you get the best advice and a very clear pathway to plan, book and buy great radio campaigns. We know all the inside processes in helping you navigate the best possible rates and bonuses for your next radio advertising schedule.

Why use My Radio Rates?

We are 100% media neutral, 100% independent, and 100% Australian owned and run platform, so the information we supply is completely unbiased.

We then help you plan, book and buy your next radio advertising campaign so the process is easy and simple. We take the stress out of dealing with multiple sales staffs, multiple stations and in some cases, multiple networks across multiple states.

In our experience, trying to find the right person to talk to at any radio station is difficult. If you need to be "on-air" quickly or have questions for the uninitiated, this process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

By using My Radio Rates, you can plan, book and buy radio advertising like a seasoned professional.

We have 100% of all commercial radio stations listed in Australia on the My Radio Rates platform.

We are also proud to be the exclusive partner of The Australian Traffic Network (ATN) for booking and scheduling on Australia’s best and most comprehensive traffic report network.

Research & Ratings information on My Radio Rates

For all of the officially surveyed markets, you will see information displayed by demographic and share on all of these stations. This is supplied by GfK for all metropolitan markets and XTRA insights for many major regional markets. For all smaller regional markets not officially surveyed, we give an indication of what we believe is the best reflection of audience and ratings applicable to a particular station

Survey information is provided by the exclusive Commercial Radio Australia survey partner GfK.

If you have any questions, contact us here by EMAIL